Sales area optimization

Sales should and must be an investment in growth for any organization, and the most successful results are achieved when return on investment (ROI) is measured. By partnering with Leon Brothers Group & Leon FoodS LLC, we will be able to analyze your sales effectiveness and provide solutions to address performance that will increase your ROI in this vital area of your organization.

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Jonathan León

CEO of Leon Brothers Group & Leon FoodS LLC

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Optimize your profits

If done correctly, sales optimization can bring a host of benefits to a company, such as saving time and effort for your sales team, maximizing your potential sales revenue, and improving the management of your sales team, among many others.

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1. Perform simple processes

The ideal sales process should be simple and able to scale with your business as it, and your team, grows.

2. Use your data to improve

It is important to ensure that the data you are monitoring is directly linked to your business objectives.

3. Keep your team well trained

Accurate and up-to-date training ensures that your teams feel confident and empowered when interacting with customers.

Planning and strategy

For your sales force to achieve its objectives and stay focused, sales planning and strategy are essential. We examine the factors that contribute to effective sales performance.

Key performance indicators can then be created and their effectiveness evaluated.

The improved sales performance provided by our team of experts allows you to focus on improving your strategic advantage and core competencies, which automatically increase sales performance.

Leon Brothers Group & Leon FoodS LLC

Our services

At Leon Brothers Group & Leon FoodS LLC we offer a wide variety of services to help you achieve your business goals.

Scalability of your business

We increase your revenues without raising costs, indicating high growth potential and resources needed to expand your business.

Strategic business plan

Our team of experts will holistically analyze all aspects of your business and create a customized strategic plan that includes a SWOT and FOMM as a complete picture of your business.

Business valuation

We estimate the value of your business, disclose it with or without disclosing your identity, handle the interviews, initial negotiations with the parties involved, and in general, assist with all aspects of closing the sale of the business.

Sales area optimization

We analyze your sales effectiveness and will provide solutions to address performance that will increase your return on investment in this vital area of your organization.

Business leadership

Our team of professionals provides the principles and skill sets necessary to first lead and then develop a culture of leadership.

Partner with us

By partnering with us, we guide you through your entire business development process. We believe that working with a consulting firm doesn’t have to be difficult, so we make it easy. We offer you:

  • A collaborative approach to problem solving, knowing when to talk and when to listen.
  • An ideal mix of business and technology skills and a wide range of talents.
  • A seriousness about budgets and timelines with the same sensitivity we apply to our own business.
  • A team that stays with you every step of the way thanks to leading retention rates.
Jonathan León

Jonathan León

CEO of Leon Brothers Group & Leon FoodS LLC

International Business Consultant
Specialization in Financial Markets
Master in Organizational Leadership