Creation of corporate identity

We offer corporate identity creation services to help our clients build a strong and recognizable brand. Our team of highly skilled graphic designers will work with you to create a visual identity that effectively and consistently represents your business.


Anabel Meléndez

Graphic Design

Digital Creator and Graphic Design Expert

Why is it important?

A strong and consistent corporate identity helps establish your company’s image and reputation online, which in turn can increase your customers’ trust and loyalty.

Sets an image

We create an identity where potential clients will recognize you through the different commercial channels.


By having a good corporate identity you generate a good reputation among your competitors.


By having a good corporate image you generate an image of professionalism which translates into trust.

Stands out in the market

corporate identity can help your company stand out in a saturated market. In the digital marketing world, there are many companies offering similar products and services.

Differentiate yourself from your competition

A strong and distinctive corporate identity can help your company stand out from the competition and attract the attention of potential customers.

Leon Brothers Group & Leon FoodS LLC

Our services

At Leon Brothers Group & Leon FoodS LLC we offer a wide variety of services to help you achieve your business goals.

Logo and brand design

We create unique and distinctive logo and brand designs that represent your company's personality and values.

Typography and colors

We create a color palette and typography that reflects your company's identity and is consistent across all platforms and marketing channels.


We offer flyer design and distribution services to help our clients promote their products and services effectively.

Material design

We create marketing materials designs that reflect your company's identity, including product packaging design, company stationery, and business card design.

On-line coordination

We coordinate your company's online presence across all platforms and marketing channels to ensure that your company's corporate identity is consistent and cohesive across the board.

Leon Brothers Group & Leon FoodS LLC

Why have a corporate identity?

Having a corporate identity is essential for any business, as it helps establish a distinctive and consistent image of the company in the minds of consumers. Corporate identity is the way a company presents itself to the world, through visual and verbal elements including logo, typography, colors, tone of voice and other aspects.

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Partner with us

By partnering with us, we guide you through your entire business development process. We believe that working with a consulting firm doesn’t have to be difficult, so we make it easy. We offer you:

  • Un enfoque colaborativo para la resolución de problemas, sabiendo cuándo hablar y cuándo escuchar.
  • Una combinación ideal de habilidades comerciales y tecnológicas y una amplia gama de talentos.
  • Seriedad sobre presupuestos y plazos con la misma sensibilidad que aplicamos a nuestro propio negocio.
  • Un equipo humano que permanece contigo en cada paso del camino gracias a las principales tasas de retención.
Anabel Meléndez

Anabel Meléndez

Diseño Gráfico

Digital Creator and Graphic Design Expert